Reworked cars

11 Jul 2016 13:32 #2116 por Priban
Reworked cars Publicado por Priban
This topic is for cars what were uploaded and then reuploaded with new things :)

Hi, i was reworked Mercedes-Benz W198 300SL, i put real sound, and better graphics and handling. -> here is it:
Here is original sounds of car. For comparing :)( I recommend play it from 2:30)
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Added to the main topics of Racer forum, it can be very interesting ;)
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29 Jul 2016 22:04 - 08 Feb 2017 17:14 #2184 por rncg
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I have followed the threads of you guys here on the site, congratulations for the great work ... I stopped converting cars to the Racer after the loss of my hard drive, and then installed GTR2, I am now converting some cars for him, and is so easy as for Racer. Honestly, it would be interesting to have a car converted by Priban and Orges, FernSS1970 (among other good modders) for GTR2 .. Greetings!
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06 Ago 2016 22:59 - 06 Ago 2016 23:00 #2239 por Orges
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Ah yes RNCG, for this i was thinking,,,now i'm making my cars so but so realistic, form inside and outside, for exemple the mercedes c32 amg,,,now is in work, i should only put the velocity counter and the RPM counter of it and the interior lights too,
i've finished with some other cars, making shaders, mirrors, lights, shadows of outside car, speedometer and everything else...when i'll finish them i'll upload..i hope to make them as soon as i can, because this tuesday i'll have my work holidays up to 22 of august and i'll have all the time i need to complete all my cars that i don't think anyone have got the idea to convert,, :cheer:
i'll send some photos of the c32 looks better than in city car driving now :P;)
Well, i need some other work to make, but up to now its going well :cheer:
I'll try convert for GTR2 too ;)
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07 Ago 2016 04:32 - 07 Ago 2016 04:33 #2240 por rncg
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Very good Orges,

I also need to finish my cars that I converted to Racer, to leave a good legacy and to honor this incredible simulator that is Racer.
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07 Ago 2016 09:38 #2242 por Orges
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its true ;)we should give our best in this work :cheer:
12 Ago 2016 23:45 - 14 Ago 2016 12:12 #2265 por Priban
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So new REWORKED car is here ->

-Added shadows
-Added lights
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29 Ago 2016 20:14 #2411 por Miguel1.8T
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Hi, i have an idea :)all we can remake our old cars but doing lights, original parts.etc I was thinking in remake fabikan75 old models like for example octavia I 1996, the engines are perfect but for example, model doesn´t have any lights and flares, in the interior the dash doesn't have lights and needles, steer is not the correct of the model... We can remake some of that cars and i can help to do it :)

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