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  • Priban
  • Avatar de Priban
22 Nov 2016 14:24
Help with maps

I know how to edit tracks/maps, it is difficult only for time, and patience, because you must set correct position of your object :D And about how to make make, i know it too, but it want lots of time, much time... and then you must have good Imagination, yes you have idea for own track, but when you start, your ideas go away... :D if you understand me

  • Orges
  • Avatar de Orges
22 Nov 2016 13:06
Help with maps

telling the truth it is difficult to make union of maps..but making the own map is too hard and requires too much time for doing it.even if u make new union of maps or adding oblect on it :) by the way,,if u will have problems with me :)

  • 124
21 Nov 2016 13:34
Help with maps

can you add more speed limit plates too :)

  • Miguel1.8Turbo
21 Nov 2016 07:23
Help with maps

Thanks orges :D
It look difficult, because i hace to import more than 100 archives to make union

  • Orges
  • Avatar de Orges
20 Nov 2016 20:55
Help with maps

hi miguel..i'm making a very big map with more than 5 moutain maps united together..and its a very difficult work..firstly u have to make a union of your map object,,then make the textures,,then after doing this with the other them in zmodeler 1 and make their position correctly..remember that if u want an object that doesnt stop u when u crash it, u should edit the flag of it,,from 6 for ex to 0..the terrain must be in 6 because u should run in it..then make the ini files and the .shd file..then its done,,,go in the on a point where u want the start line pressing shift+ctrl+left mouse and scrolling making a line of your start point,,thats the track and u'll have your map :D hope this will help u:)

  • Miguel1.8T
  • Avatar de Miguel1.8T
20 Nov 2016 19:48
Help with maps

Hi, i need help with maps, i want to edit (only edit) polish roads and add a new petrol station in the middle of the map, can someone help if he know?

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