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La última versión de Racer publicada en el año 2013 es la v0.90 RC8, de la cual no pudimos informar en su momento por el cambio de la web y ahora así lo hacemos.

Ruud van Gaal lanzaba a finales de dicho año esta beta (totalmente compatible con Oculus Rift), cuyas novedades podrás comprobar si sigues leyendo la noticia. Más de 11 años de Racer en constante actualización, y cada día un producto de más calidad.

Lee todos los detalles acerca de Racer v0.90 RC8.


Como siempre, podrás descargar ésta versión y cualquier otra superior desde nuestra sección descargas de Racer:

Y para cualquier consulta, el foro de Racer en castellano está abierto las 24 horas del día para atender tus cuestiones.

El listado de cambios (en inglés) es el siguiente:

v0.9.0 RC8 (01-11-2013)
- Added 'float eye' passing to fullscreen shaders (postprocessing) as a Cg uniform (0=left/1=right).
- Modified; it could compile badly due to iSqrtSample being used as a constant
and a local variable in one line.
- Added 'splitter' console command in Racer itself. I.e. 'splitter 500' will do a 500x500m grid split
from <trackname> to <trackname>_split. Copy the track itself first from <trackname> to <trackname>_split
and let the splitter overwrite things in the _split version of the track.
- Added 'atlas optimize' command, to generate an atlassed version of the track in <trackname>_atlas.
Much like the splitter above (first copy the track). Not fully working yet.
- Added dev.argument_tracing option in racer.ini for explicit argument stack tracing. Only useful
when you have a crash that requires more information than just the function stack trace. Only
a few arguments are supported inside Racer. Slows down the program if used.
- Const sized arrays in Onyx are now possible: const int MAX_ELT=5; int a[MAX_ELT];
- Font rendering now much more crisp.

- car.ini wheel<n>.tire_model.relaxation_length_lat (and _long) of zero is now accepted (uses instantaneous slip angle/ratio)
- Onyx fork() command to spawn off SPU processes.
- Onyx improvements; peephole optimizer, #ifdef/#define/#else/#endif, #error "message"
- Onyx deg2rad(), rad2deg(), atoi(), atof(), split(), acos(), asin(), atan2(x,y) functions.
- Slipratio clamping in car wheels is now configurable in racer.ini: dbg_car.max_sr (defaults to 1.5)
- Combined slip method #10 (SimilarityMarno) is a validated method that is being used in production at Cruden.
It still isn't optimal though when trying to get drifting cars for example.
It uses a mix using slipRatio and slipAngle (slip=length(SR,SA), Fx*=SR/slip, Fy*=SA/slip).
- Added ProcessCount(), deg2rad() and rad2deg() internal functions to Onyx.
- Improvements for the DirectShow replay exporter;,
Codecs are still an issue; the Windows Media 9 one seems most stable for now (but slow).
- Added racer.ini replay options for automation of replay movie files (requires dedicated configuration files).
- Added Cg shaders for the simple polygon shadow underneath the car.
- Fixed atmosphere extinction for a lot of the dyn_*.cg shaders.
- racer.ini's gfx.check_opengl_errors is now collapsed into dev.opengl_checks.
- Added car.ini body.yaw_damper magic torque for drifting car control.
- Onyx 'continue' for for/while/do-while/loop.