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Renault Espace IIIRenault Espace III HOT
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Renault Espace III V1.0 for Racer.
For Racer 0.9RC5+, CG version

In this pack you have all versions from 1996 to 2002, with both Espace and Grand Espace version

It has all trim levels, and all engines (from 100 to 194hp)
To change version, just open the .html file in variantes folder, then make your configuration, and hit the "Appliquer" button, then copy/paste the ouput in "commade.bat" file (you can rename it if you want) and run it.
Sorry i did not find an easyier way, if someone knows how to generate and run batch files from html/javascript, let me know

Created Sábado, 24 Diciembre 2016 23:50
Version 1.0
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(5 votes)
Author skybh external
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Created by Skybh
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0 #2 Skybh 25-12-2016 12:08
Hi miguel, it is not a bug, it is wanted beaucause in real one speedo act like this, even i in game behavior is not fully the same.. Look here :
+1 #1 Miguel1.8T 25-12-2016 11:35
Hi, very nice project :) but sometimes the speedo bug and i must wait 4 seconds

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