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Volkswagen Golf V 1.6 (hatchback_3d)Volkswagen Golf V 1.6 (hatchback_3d) HOT
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1595 cc            

102 ps (75 kw) @ 5600 rpm

148 Nm @ 3800 rpm

Year: 2005                                                                                                                   


Top: 184 km/h; 0-100: 11,4s


Model by EMzone, Convert to Racer by R.i.P; edited by Miguel1.8Turbo

I made an 'speed app' because vw speedo is irregular

Update: Edited idle


Created Martes, 11 Abril 2017 21:28
Version 0655
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(5 votes)
Author Model by EMzone, Convert to Racer by R.i.P; edited by Miguel1.8Turbo
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Created by Miguel1.8T
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0 #4 Miguel1.8T 13-04-2017 13:59
Okey. I will change it

By the way. I saw that accidentaly my plate was same as your 325td e36 (LZA 91RF) so i changed it
0 #3 Fabikan75 13-04-2017 13:25
Between idle and next is pause, this sounds bad. I think that original sounds was better
+1 #2 Miguel1.8T 11-04-2017 23:08
Yes, i know... Scripts can do old racer much more interesting :)
+1 #1 Fabikan75 11-04-2017 22:37
Nice idea! In racer 065 you cant use script and logaritmic maps. :(.
This fucking irregular dials...

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