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Volkswagen Golf IV 1.9 TDI (Variant) Volkswagen Golf IV 1.9 TDI (Variant) HOT
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  1. year=2002;
  2. 0-100:12,7s.;
  3. vmax:190 km/h;
  4. credits=Model by TKF;Converted by AROUCA21;Edit by Fabikan75;
  5. Dis:1896;
  6. Pow:100 KM (74 kW)@ 4000 rpm;
  7. Tor:240 Nm @ 1800 rpm.
Created Miércoles, 05 Octubre 2016 16:39
Version 065
Size 12.93 MB
(12 votes)
Author Model by TKF;Converted by AROUCA21;Edit by Fabikan75;
MD5 Checksum 9486b3791e20a7da5f70c685eb66441c
Created by Fabikan75
Downloads 3,847
SHA1 Checksum e00f51adedfdac299f76d08be7e9e184979f9f14
Size:12.93 MB


0 #1 Miguel1.8T 04-12-2016 01:29
Very lovely model :)
Correct TDi logo (100 hp 'i' in red, 115 hp 'di' in red...)
Nice Wheels

Interior lights are red, no blue (except dashboard)
This model has 260 kph speedo, no 220
If is highline (Supposed by the navigator and the sunroof) you must add a boardcomputer in dash (in the middle)
Model is so weight (of MB) so somethimes the game get lag
Soooo skid in 1st

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