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This is a programme for put cars into it, i mean ONE image and below all engines with tecnical data like 0-100, power, year.etc This is beta but in a future i will upload a newer update with video option :)

Created Lunes, 05 Diciembre 2016 23:21
Version (v1.0)
Size 23.02 MB
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rar.png Raven 2
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Raven 2 v1.0.10

Updates to this little program include:
-x86 support for those of us that do not run x64 systems (that was a my bad really)
-Now able to enable/disable the in-game menu.
-Added a small help menu (includes a dev log for those that like to read)
-Added support for *.exe files being run through the Options button (previous version only supported *.jar and *.bat)
-Qlog viewer now seperates INFO, WARN, and FATAL tags, simply click the button for what you want to view. (originally I wanted colored text, but that proved to be crashy on bigger Qlog files)
-Added the ability to name a folder misc_variants instead of just other_variants.
-And to me the biggest win, Added support to run Raven 2 outside of the Racer folder, now it can be put where ever you like.

In the help menu and readme you'll find how to use this program. If you are unsure of how this program works.


Install is simple, drag and drop the Raven 2.exe where ever you like.

Created Sábado, 24 Diciembre 2016 18:51
Size 401.62 KB
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