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rar.png Plymouth Barracuda 440-6pack (version: 050b9)

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Plymouth Barracuda 440-6pack (1968)

440-6pack V8
Luthobu (mod of RyanT's 340cid)

version=050b9 / TESTED OK: Racer v0.84



10.82 MB
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rar.png Plymouth Duster 318 A/T (version: 088b)

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Plymouth Duster 318 A/T (1971)

Converted by AMGFan. Performance: 0-60 mph: 8s, 1/4: 15.5s. top 120 mp/h.
Dodge 318 cu-in small-block OHV, 5.2L, 230 hp @ 4400 rpm, 460 Nm @ 2400 rpm

version=088b / TESTED OK: Racer v0.84



15.04 MB
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rar.png Plymouth Fury III (version: 063b)

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Plymouth Fury III (1969)


version=063b / TESTED OK: Racer v0.84



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rar.png Plymouth Fury Sport Coupe (version: 053b8)

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Plymouth Fury Sport Coupe (1958)

Version 1.0
350ci - 305bhp@5000rpm, 370ft/lbs(502nm)@3600rpm, 3spd Torque Flite transmission

version=053b8 / TESTED OK: Racer v0.84



7.6 MB
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rar.png Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda (Alpine White) (version: 050b6)

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Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda (Alpine White) (1970)

Sven Franic, ini by: Mr. Whippy 2003.
v. 1.0

version=050b6 / TESTED OK: Racer v0.84



2,69 MB
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rar.png Plymouth RoadRunner (version: 05b4)

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Plymouth RoadRunner (vitamin C orange) (1970)

Mesh and textures by Shmelby; ini,sounds,shaders by Alex Forbin
For Racer V0.5.2Beta4.1

version=05b4 / TESTED OK: Racer v0.84



2,15 MB
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7z.png Plymouth Roadrunner 1971 "Black Letal" (version: 0.84, 0.65, 0.53b)

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Car information name=Plymouth Roadrunner 1971 "Black Letal" year=1971 credits=Model by Yazu, Convertion and Shader by El Tate, INI by CUL8R, Revised by BMWspain, Textures mods by g_berserk, Dials by Shmelby Racing, Wheels by Sven F. and Shmelby Racing, sounds by Mr. Whippy and Alex Forbin, Steering Wheel by Shmelby Racing, Driver by Stecki. comments=with some adjustments by rncg id=meepBLACK version=050f



3.06 MB
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